the Rules of the server

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the Rules of the server

Post by scoutboy_14 on Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:58 am


1.Do not RDM.  
2.Do not prop abuse "push/kill/climb/surf".  
3.No breaking NLR. You may not return to where you die for 5 minutes. not a RDA.  
5.Do not speak over a Moderator/Admin while they are trying to talk to you.  
6.Do not mic spam or chat spam.
7.DO not hack or exploit.
8.Respect everyone.

Admin Rules

1.Do not spawn in weapons.  
2.Do not randomly ban people.  
3.When you do ban,kick give a valid reason.  
4.Be kind to players.  
5.Do not force a job.  
6.Do not abuse you admin powers


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